Lanark gloves project gallery

par Debbie Sullivan May 07, 2020

Lanark gloves project gallery

Today's featured pattern in our 100 Days of Patterns project is Lanark, one of my design contributions to our Cloudy Day Collection (published way back in 2012). They're knit in our Messa di Voce fingering-weight superwash merino, in the Chimney Smoke colourway.

Lanark gloves knitting pattern

When we were planning out the collection I wanted to design some socks, and I started swatching with that idea in mind. I loved the way this stitch pattern looked, and wanted to use it, but realized before I got very far that it was much too dense and not elastic enough for socks. After a bit of consideration, I realized that these little cables would actually be perfect for gloves, so I ripped out the socks and started from scratch!

Lanark gloves cable stitch pattern detail

These gloves are quite snugly fitted, and the dense stitch pattern creates a durable fabric that blocks the wind and helps keep your fingers warm. I’ve been wearing my own pair every winter since we published this pattern 8 years ago. I’ve darned the fingertips a few times, and the colour has faded a little, but otherwise they’re still going strong!

Lanark gloves with mended fingertips
My original pair of Lanark gloves, 8 years (and a little darning) later

There are many wonderful projects using this pattern on Ravelry, and we’ve collected a few of our favourites here. It’s fun to see how different they can look depending on the colour choice, from elegant greys and neutrals to fun and vibrant variegated yarns.

Bright blue Lanark gloves modeled with flowers
This pair of Lanark gloves is striking in bright blue
Knitter/photo credit: Raven (RavenEphemera on Ravelry)

Lanark gloves in burgundy
This knitter has knit not just one...
Knitter/photo credit: inansa on Ravelry

Lanark gloves modeled with an ivory scarf and leather jacket
...but TWO pairs of Lanark over the years 
Knitter/photo credit: inansa on Ravelry

Lanark gloves knit in a teal variegated yarn
Lanark in a slightly more variegated yarn
Knitter/photo credit: Katrina (irrakatze on Ravelry)

One Lanark glove modeled on the left hand
Lighter colours really show off the texture of the stitch patterns
Knitter/photo credit: Mary (purlicueknits on Ravelry)

Thank you to all the knitters who agreed to let us use their project photos for this post! I find designing and writing patterns to be quite stressful sometimes (I worry that either no one will think it's worth making, or that there will be mistakes or sizing issues, or the pattern will be so fiddly people won't enjoy knitting it, or something) so it's very gratifying to see people take my instructions and use them to transform their yarn into something beautiful that makes them happy.


Debbie Sullivan
Debbie Sullivan


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