Preview Knitting Program

Are you interested in collaborating with us? We've started a preview knitting program!

This may be for you if:

  • You'd like early access to our patterns
  • A discount on our yarns would make working with them more affordable for you
  • You'd like the opportunity to connect with us and with other knitters
  • You'd like to bank store credit for our website to save up for larger projects

This may not be for you if:

  • You don't like projects with a deadline
  • You're not comfortable sharing photos of your finished projects on social media

If this sounds like something you'd be interested in, please join our preview knitting mailing list to receive more details and get notified of preview knitting opportunities:

What exactly is the difference between test knitting, preview knitting, and sample knitting?
To keep things clear for ourselves and for you, here is a break-down of how we define each term at Sweet Paprika*.

*This is not to say that our definitions are the "correct" ones, these are simply the definitions we're working from ourselves.

Test Knitting Preview Knitting Sample Knitting
Purpose for Sweet Paprika To test a certain aspect of a pattern or clarity of a technique used in a pattern To show our designs on a variety of bodies and in a variety of colours To obtain a sample of a design either temporarily for photography or permanently for shows, etc
Has pattern been tech edited? Depends on the project Yes Depends on the project
Yarn Depends on the project, but yarn must match yarn used for design Knitters can use any yarn of their choosing.
A discount is available for using Sweet Paprika yarn.
Provided by Sweet Paprika
Modifications allowed? No, pattern or section of pattern should be followed exactly. Yes, personal modifications are strongly encouraged! No, pattern should be followed exactly.
Expectations of knitter
(aside from knitting)
Provide written feedback about the test. Provide clear photos of finished project that can be shared on social media. Provide finished sample that is accurately knit to pattern gauge and is finished to professional quality.
Who keeps finished item? Test knitter Preview knitter Depends on the project
Compensation Depends on the project Copy of final pattern
Store credit for that can be used for any product (provided project is completed)

Gift certificate amount determined by size of project.
Sample knitter either keeps the finished item (after photography)
Sweet Paprika pays to keep the sample (amount determined by size of project).
Sweet Paprika provides payment in kind of an equal quantity of yarn

We are not currently looking for test knitters or sample knitters. If we need test or sample knitters in the future we plan to reach out to reliable knitters from our preview knitting program.

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