Spring Collection 2020

par Debbie Sullivan March 27, 2020

Spring Collection 2020

I've been working on recipes for some new colours to add to our yarn lines over the winter months, many of them inspired by thoughts of spring. We had intended to launch these at Knit City this weekend, but since that's been postponed I decided to take a moment to introduce you to them here on our blog instead!

Please note: quantities of these colours are limited right now, as we don't currently have access to our dye studio due to the COVID-19 situation. We will be dyeing more as soon as we are able to get back to work.

We've added four new colours to our Winfield worsted and Sutton bulky (which brings us up to a total of 20 colour options for these Canadian wool bases).

Celery is a bright and vibrant spring green. Shown here on Sutton, also available on Winfield.


Forget-Me-Not is a pale, cool blue, shown here on Winfield, and also available on Sutton.


Shiitake is a pale mushroom brown, shown here on Sutton, also available on Winfield.

Wizard is a rich and vibrant purple, shown here on Winfield, also available on Sutton.

We also wanted to round out our Grazioso silk/linen base this spring, since it's a great choice for lightweight projects to work on in warmer weather. The colours we chose are a bit less traditionally "springy" but fill in some gaps for this yarn line (we somehow didn't have any reds yet!).

Rosemary is a medium green with lots of depth.

Cinnamon Heart is a warm, rich red.

Silver Dollar is, well... silvery!

Fig is a deep, desaturated purple, with hints of navy and plum.

And last but not least, I had a lot of fun coming up with some new gradient colour schemes for Crescendo. We've added four new mini-skein sets, plus a new Molto Crescendo contrast colour. These can be combined in lots of fun ways, check out the Crescendo/Molto Crescendo Sets page for some of our favourites.

Flamingo, our new Molto Crescendo contrast, is a soft pink.

Pocketful of Posies, a gradient from pale pink, through purple to blue.

Millions of Peaches, a gradient from yellow through peach to pale pink.

Wintergreen, a light-to-dark gradient in shades of green.

Black Spruce, a green to black gradient which can be combined with Wintergreen go create a longer gradient for larger projects.

Debbie Sullivan
Debbie Sullivan


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Norbouillet Project Gallery
Norbouillet Project Gallery

par Elizabeth Sullivan June 28, 2020

It's that time of year again! Our 2020 batch of Norbouillet fleece is already at the mill, ready to be custom-spun into this year's batch of our locally-sourced, 100% Canadian yarns.

This year as we were setting up pre-orders we took some time to look through all the beautiful projects that our customers have made with these yarns over the past few years, and we were inspired to share a few of our favourites here. Thank you so much to everyone who gave us permission to share your photos!

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Indigo Dye Experiments
Indigo Dye Experiments

par Debbie Sullivan June 16, 2020

It's been over two months now since we had to temporarily shut down the dye studio to wait out COVID-19. We've been able to have limited access to the studio again for the past few weeks, and I'm happy to be back! But last month when I still didn't have access I was itching to play with colour again, and realized that in amongst all the yarn and other products that I'd hauled home back in March, I had some indigo dye kits. I didn't have any of my other dyeing equipment with me, but indigo doesn't require heat or mordanting to set, so it was the perfect solution for me to scratch that dyeing itch!

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Lanark gloves project gallery
Lanark gloves project gallery

par Debbie Sullivan May 07, 2020

Lanark gloves (today's featured pattern in our 100 Days of Patterns project) are one of my design contributions to our Cloudy Day Collection, published way back in 2012. They're knit in our Messa di Voce fingering-weight superwash merino, in the Chimney Smoke colourway.

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