Saltwater Gifts from the Island of Newfoundland

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par Christine LeGrow & Shirley Scott

Livre à couverture souple de 208 pages (ce livre est uniquement disponible en anglais)

Knitted gifts are treasured in Newfoundland, whatever the season. Designs unique to this storied island are made to keep loved ones warm all year long&mdasheven during early summer when icebergs chill the air.

Capture your heart’s desire with a spring cap or bonnet. Explore the spectacular coastline wearing knitted socks and fine woolen gloves. Prepare for the cool months of autumn and winter with fashionable trigger mitts and hats. And warm up your home with cozy cushions and lovely tea cozies.

With this latest in the best-selling Saltwater Knits series, Christine LeGrow and Shirley A. Scott offer some of Newfoundland’s most beloved knitwear designs. They also reveal the cultural heritage of these distinctive patterns and demonstrate why they are highly valued by those who live on this island known as “The Rock.”

Vivid photographs provide inspiration, but you are also encouraged to also select your own colours&mdashthereby making your gifts distinctive. Like other books in this series, Saltwater Gifts includes tips, tricks, and stories. All patterns are rated by difficulty and clearly presented for today’s knitters.

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